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Daylight Scout Handbook

Welcome! We are excited to team up with you to accomplish our mission at Daylight: help everyone uncover what their wallet address can do: mints, airdrops, unlocks, votes, and more. We call these things you can do “abilities”, inspired by Magic the Gathering's definition of an ability: “text on an object that explains what that object does or can do.”
This handbook is a guide for your journey as a Scout.

Scouting with Daylight

Interested in Scouting? Here's how it works:
  • Submit five abilities via our submit form
  • Once your submissions are approved, mint a free Scout badge to access special abilities
  • Check out the Scout Leaderboard to see how you stack up against other Scouts

Getting Started

Once you're ready, submit your first ability:
Have more questions? Check out our FAQs section or #questions in our Discord
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